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Psychic Wars!

The theory section got a little crowded.  OK, so I could no longer see the whole thing in order to organize the page hierarchy, which was my cue that I had to split things up some.

This section concerns itself primarily with the working end of things.  We're still talking theory here, but its the theoretical approach to magic, shamanism, and other good stuff that is handled here.  All this works on a framework, that is the way of life backing it.  That is addressed in the Living section of Theory.

-Jaelle 10/17/2004

  • Elements describes the elemental system I use, which is core to my path.

  • Spirits contains a quick description of my attitudes towards and relationship with various types of spirits, as it relates to my path.

  • Deity describes my thoughts on gods and goddesses, and my relationship with my own patron. 

  • ThoughtForms contains a discussion of one of my favorite types of energy to work with, and some of the checks and balances in its use.

  • Psychic Wars! contains a discussion about what I call Psychic War Syndrome, a prevalent phenomenon within the pagan community.

  • Ceremony is a discussion of the role of ceremony and consciousness in interactions with spirit.  Warning: it's a bit long.

  • Souls describes my thoughts on the nature of the soul, and soul fragmentation.


Living Working