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Copyright 2005 Jaelle Shadowdancer

Verse 1:
I hear the song of summers past
and summers yet to come
the brooks, the wind - they speak of these
I listen to every one
The colors of dawn, its tender hues,
the sound of birds' first song
at dusk a thousand diamonds glow,
companions the whole night long.

The Wheel will turn, the spiral spin
From Dusk to Dawn and back again
The seasons turn from birth through death
Come dance they circle of life!

Verse 2:
When autumn turns green leaves to brown
the air is crisp and cool
The furred ones prepare for coming cold,
Their dens hide precious jewels
Earth Mother settles down to sleep,
To dream the day she wakes
Sun God grows old, prepares to die
Content in the child she makes.


Verse 3:
Then winter's chill sets in with snow,
The ice clings to the trees
Some call it desolate, others fair,
but all can feel the freeze.
The snowflakes fall with patterns bright
Children dash out to play
They revel in their cold delights;
We work short days away.


Verse 4:
Spring! Oh days of warmth's return
The Mother's return as well
She sees her lover-son, sees him fair
their rapture all can tell
The flowers bloom, the furred ones mate,
rejoice in future bounty
Summer will come, the cycle spares none,
who lives in city or county.

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