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I'm one of those people who generally find the theory of something far more interesting than the underlying execution. This sometimes got me in trouble in college, since I basically had the same attitude Einstein had - I stink at math, that's why they make calculators, let the mathematicians worry about that part. Now while I don't actually stink at math, the formulae and applications bored me to tears. WHY things work the way they do - now you have my attention.

So it's no wonder that I'd consider the theory of a path to be of critical importance, perhaps overriding. The practices are learned from spirit; I'm of the opinion that if you work with the same basic language and structure, the methods aren't as critical. This is probably born from the fact that I know several people who use quite different methods from me, and yet as a friend of mine once put it, my descriptions and theirs are similar enough to recognize that we both saw the same car wreck.

So these pages contain the theory behind what I do. I expect that this will eventually be the most filled-out part of the site, since I can go on and on about things that interest me, but we'll see what happens.

-Jaelle, 7/2001

And as of 10/17/04, this section had officially become unmanageable.  I have now broken it down to two sections, under which you will find all the articles (and then some) that were here previously. Neither of these sections is an island; both must work together to have a whole system. - Jaelle

  • Living contains those bits that are more related to a way of life than actual magical work
  • Working contains those bits that are more related to the actual Work than to living

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