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Lyrics and music Copyright 2001 Jaelle ShadowDancer

Verse 1:
A word I thought I understood
A concept felt not known
I found I had so much to learn
to face this path, my courage flown
Once in my pride, I thought I could
Face anything, my life my own
This foolishness I had to spurn
And yield myself to the unknown
I yield myself to Their unknown

So easy to declare you're free
To claim you can withstand the storm
I'd hold my head defiantly
No fate's pawn I;
Then pride did fly
Left ego stripped, alone

Heart beats faster, ragged breath
Anticipate, all muscles tense
My chest is tight, my legs are weak;
Then trust I give, Their faith I seek.

Verse 2:
It's not an easy life to lead
This bramble strewn thin path
Faith, trust, and love must intersect
And guide me o'er the rocks I pass
To give up sight, taste, smell, and touch,
And still go where I'm bid
Takes more control to just let go
And yet to not is not to live
It's by Their guiding hands I live

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