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The following is a response to a mailing list or newsgroup that I wrote in September of 1999. I decided to just place it here as is for now, and refine it later as time allowed. - Jaelle

>Jaelle ShadowDancer wrote:
>> I'd like to do my graduate work in the cross-
>>applications of quantum theory with the paranormal
>>(magic, shamanism, healing, chi....). I've got some
>>theories of my own using a 6-dimensional model....
>ummmmmm <eg> could ya draw that for me ?
>[Name snipped]
>the temporarily visual

Draw it? Hrm. Only if you assume the paper itself represents the typical three we're used to. The fourth, just to stick with convention, is time.The fifth is vibrational level.

Hmm. I'll try to make this clear. Basically everything solid is made up of electrons and protons (a neutron is simply a proton bonded to an electron). Furthermore, basically all objects are just a mass of space with a few "stationary" blobs in the center (nuclei) and lots of even tinier whirling blobs around them. Now, electrons have been diffracted (like light through a prism) which means that they are waves (Protons, being bondable to these waves, must then by extension be waves themselves). So what makes something solid?

Well, electrons move about atoms in orbitals: the S orbital, which is basically a sphere, the P orbital, which is basically 8-shaped lobes in the three standard directional axes, looking kinda like a 6-petaled flower that got attacked by a dog. Then there's the D orbital, which is where things start getting odd.There are five of these; four are x-shaped (four lobes). Three of these are on the xy, yz, and xz planes, the fourth is on the xy axis. The fifth gets kinda odd - it looks kinda like a donut around the center with two lobes on the z axis (kinda like a donut around a little dumbbell). The F orbitals, of which there are 7, are REALLY weird. (please keep in mind that these orbitals are where it's most likely to find an electron)

Now, electrons we know jump about a bit, as in electron tunneling. It has been previously proposed that the electrons, when jumping thru walls and suchlike, are really in a highly excited state that is not barriered by these walls. The fifth dimension, in my model, basically defines what vibrational level the electron is at, ie, what it will interact with. "Vibrational level" is actually a technical term for something else; perhaps it would be better to cut the new-agey lingo and call it a frequency of oscillation, or somesuch. Regardless, look at the electron as a sine-wave type thing. We are on at a point in that wave, call it the center line going through the wave, and everything that is at that frequency is solid to us. Magical energy, spirits, etc, tend to be on a different frequency, but can still be interacted with because the human spirit, mind, soul, insert an appropriate term, is NOT stuck on this one level, only the physical form is. I propose that when leaving this form, or manipulating magical energy, etc, we are actually functioning on another "frequency", or at another point in the fifth-dimensional axis.

Next. It has been demonstrated that electrons, once paired, remain paired, so that if you change the spin of an electron its partner will immediately change its spin to remain opposite that of its partner. (Paired electrons always have opposite spins, one up one down) This principal is actually being investigated for FTL communications as we speak. However, how does that one electron know its partner? This is my proposed sixth dimension, or pattern. The pattern is unique to a given thing, and hence can be sorted and identified, across the other axes, etc.

The trick with doing the graduate research in this will be finding other subjects who see things like this as clearly as I do and THEN coming up with control groups, and... *Sighs* AND attempting to maintain my "scientific integrity" with such studies. IE, probably not in this lifetime, if I choose to eat.

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