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Six Dimensions
What Bleep

I've been accused of Pseudo-science before, and I take that label gladly.  My Bachelor's degree is in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and while I put my electives into Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences, I really really enjoyed the Quantum Mechanics that were part of Physical Chemistry.  Unfortunately I couldn't hack the Thermodynamics and Kinetics, not to mention Differential Equations and other higher maths (I stopped in Calculus), to go much deeper there.  They were all lumped together.

The funny thing was however, most of the students were the other way around.  They couldn't hack Quantum.  The math wasn't too bad, but where I had a knack was in being able to actually grasp the concepts, visualize them.  I had no problem with the idea of light being a wave and a particle, nor did I see any reason why an electron would be the same.  Given that, the idea that an electron can jump out of a sealed container... well, it just seems obvious.  The idea that you can put an electron through a prism like light, just makes sense to me.  What can I say?  I'm hooked up wierd.

Over the years I've posted theories on how things work, and been very interested in "New Science" topics.  I'm adding this section now because my other sections are getting a bit crowded, so this will be part of the restructure.  Who knows?  I might just write more if it comes to me.

-Jaelle 10/15/04

  • Six Dimensions, a bit of text I wrote in September 1999 describing a theory I came up with from my college Quantum Mechanics course.

  • What Bleep (short for What the Bleep Do We Know, a movie I saw recently that got me thinking about things again.)


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