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There are a few practices that are fairly critical and core to my path, that I often have to explain.  Others cause some confusion in the terminology used. In this section I will describe some of those practices (somewhat to save myself from constantly having to retype them over and over and over and...).  Please keep in mind these practices are specific to my path in this incarnation; if you find them useful you're welcome to them.

These practices are also something I picked up along the way to varying degrees; they are not taken from any other culture or tradition that I know of.

I do ask that before you take any of these practices and/or modify them for yourself, you read over the page on choices

-Jaelle 7/2001

Currently there are the following divisions.

  • Walk/Journey contains a discussion of my definitions and applications of the spirit walk and the shadow journey, and the differences between the two in my path.
  • The 'Me' Cave contains a description of a key technique in my path, my command center and status report room in journey space.
  • The Grove contains a description of the parallel technique of the "Me Cave" above, my workspace and entrance to the spirit world.
  • Snapping a Circle contains directions I wrote for the Visar's guild and the Journeymen of my tribe, to share my technique of creating instant sacred space when necessary. [3/30/2007]
  • Wiccan Rede contains a discussion of my views on the Wiccan Rede. Sounds like theory, but really it's a way of looking at life.
  • Experiences contains descriptions of a few experiences I've had.
  • Music is something I wrote about the role of music in my path.
  • Mental Quiet contains directions I wrote for the Tribe's list of methods I've encountered for quieting the mind. [9/4/2007]

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