Aah the path. One of the favored images for a path in the sense I'm using it is that it's full of brambles. I'm not sure that's the way I see it though... To me it's like I'm trying to follow a deer-trail through the woods, knowing that if I follow the deer they will eventually lead me to water. Sometimes the path is fairly clear, other times I wonder how the heck they went through and have to pick my way through close-set trees and weeds, while watching out for poison ivy. Still other times I find that I wasn't following a deer trail at all, but a rainspout, and it just dropped off a cliff.

The point here is that it's slow going, and sometimes very painful. But I also think it's worth it.

-Jaelle 7/2001

It's been a bit since I posted that. I originally had it linking to Metista if you were interested in instruction, but Starr has since taken things down and hung up the bell for the moment. My recommendation now for instruction is to go to one of the Toteg sites - Joe's Site (which could come down at any time, since he passed away) or the new Toteg site that we're putting up so the material stays available when the original goes down. The Toteg Tribe is carrying on as Joe wanted us to do, and for the most part any instructional materials I develop will most likely wind up there. What's there is in most cases newer than the material here; so much of my time is currently taken up with Greenwood clan, but I do intend to update these files as I get the chance to reflect current views and leanings.

-Jaelle 9/25/04

In the pages here you will find several different elements of my path, no pun intended. This section is broken down into three major groups:

  • Pseudoscience is a place for me to put a few things I've written that lean toward the "new science" bent.  

  • Lessons contains various realizations I have made, or quotes I have found that made me stop and think.

  • Theory contains various documents about the theory behind my path, and general ramblings about the philosophies of my path

  • Practice contains various documents about the practices of my path, things that are specific to my path and techniques that are core segments of the path.


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