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Copyright 2/22/05, Jaelle Shadowdancer

I knew you once so long ago-
you filled my heart, you touched my soul,
you held a mirror to my mind,
you showed me what I thought to find.

I knew you once in ages past -
when I was weak, you filled the gap;
you seared my heart, bewinged my pain,
and when I cried it was in vain.

Then all at once I found you gone,
on whom I had relied so long;
my life had changed, you walked away -
I couldn't even tell the day.

And when I realized that you left,
I suddenly was left bereft -
though I had missed you not it seemed,
with you, I knew, you took my dreams.

Where once before you were my cry -
release when I had wished to die - 
where was my mirror now, I asked,
when joy displaced my painful past.

So now I struggle for the words;
the flow was lost, and no one heard
your passing in the dark of night -
when all at once my life turned right.

I miss my friend from ages past;
the sweetness I feared couldn't last
I wish to share with you today -
and yet you seem so far away.

And so I write this song for you:
an off'ring, do you miss me too?
Perhaps there's something left to use
in me, my absent friend, my muse.

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