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Sacred Life

The theory section got a little crowded.  OK, so I could no longer see the whole thing in order to organize the page hierarchy, which was my cue that I had to split things up some.

This part of the theory section deals primarily with things that are more day-to-day, way-of life issues.  This isn't magic folks, and it's not spirit - but it is a lifestyle that will bring you closer to these things.  Here we have how my mind works on certain items, and really the framework on which the other part of the Theory section (Working) is based.

-Jaelle 10/17/04

  • Choices contains a discussion about personal responsibility, a key tenet of this path.

  • Tolerance describes my views about, well, tolerance.

  • Shadows and Light contains a discussion about the shadows and light in each of us, and is the source of the name of this path and of my site.

  • Influences contains a discussion about how learning seems to work, at least in my experience

  • Sacred Life is a rant written in a fit of frustration, at the stated idea that the loss of a pet was insignificant.

  • Yourself is a semi-rant dedicated to a critical element of my path: the value of the self and self knowledge.  Many traditions speak of eliminating the ego and that somehow seems to get turned into eliminating the self.  I disagree.


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