Khillysta's Song
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Khillysta's Song

Copyright 1998, music and lyrics by Jaelle ShadowDancer

Verse 1:
You came into my life one day,
so frightened and alone.
I knew right then it was my task
to give to you a home;
for life had not been good to you,
you didn't have a friend
who'd brave your pain, the life you led,
stand with you to the end.

People come and people go
through our lives it seems.
They shatter and they step upon
the fragments of our dreams.
And for this reason now I swear
to be your friend and try
to give you all I can and be
a friend you can stand by.

Verse 2:
So many years you've been here now
and I took care of you.
To my surprise there came a time
you took care of me too.
Eventually I moved away
and you stood by me still
and held my hand when others tried
my heart and love to kill.


Verse 3:
As years have passed oh how I see
the paths our lives have lead:
the roads we tried to tread upon,
and those we did instead.
And so we must remind ourselves,
if ever one of us cries,
that we can trust in each other
for friendship never dies.

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