I'm A Cat
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I'm a Cat
Copyright 5 1/2 Years 1997

(Pure blues, sung Reba McEntyre style.)

I woke up this morning
Rolled off my tree
Sharpened up my claws and said
Well take a look at me
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat
I'm a cat.

I think I'll take
A walk outside
If there's any dogs around
They'd better run and hide
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat
I'll terrorize any
I'm a cat.


I take to scratching 
at the kitchen door
Every time I hear
The can opener roar
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat
Big and round
I weigh 15 lbs
I'm a fat cat

The other day
I think I saw a mouse
If this keeps up
I'll have to find a new house
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat
I don't eat any of that
Second class meat
I'm a cat

*break (overlay of "caviar...salmon... etc") ending in hard blues ba-bam-ba-bam *a-capella* style for the first three lines of this verse only*

You know I'm a princess
Know I'm a queen
Don't see no end to my 
Nine life reign
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat
Everything I see
Belongs to me
Including you.

I think I'll have 
To take a nap soon
Just this morning
I walked clear cross the room
'Cause I'm a cat
Oh lord, I'm a cat....
*stretching sounds*
*yawning sounds*
*puurrrrrr to end*

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