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Copyright 1998, 5 1/2 Years, Lyrics by Jaelle ShadowDancer

Every once in a while you look back on your life
And sometimes you just have to laugh
The places you've gone and the things that you've seen
So different from all that you dreamed...
That straight one-way road
That once seemed so clear
Suddenly twisted and turned
And so unexpected, you winded up here
Looking back on the life you have known

So you look at your life and you count each misstep
And you wonder just where you went wrong
You'd planned it all out, you'd counted each day
But you never knew what to expect
No you never knew
Just where you would go
Though you thought it would follow your plan
And how can you say which is better or worse
The real thing or that which you had planned?

For life's little twists have taught you a lot
And you know now just where you went wrong.
And things unforeseen may have shattered your dreams
But the truth that you've earned will live on.
So when you look back
And you think you've done wrong
Also think of the lessons you've learned
For the life you had planned gave you riches unearned
And you'd never have been quite this strong.

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