Fire And Ice
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Fire and Ice

Copyright 1998, 5 1/2 years. Lyrics by Jaelle Shadowdancer

Verse 1:
I looked into your eyes,
I fell into your dream,
I let myself be swept away -
your heart was mine, or so it seemed.
Your love became my anchor,
your heart became my home,
your mind became my other self -
I'd never be alone.

Fire on ice and ice on fire,
the days of innocence are gone.
The fire once lived inside our hearts,
But ice became our passion's song.

Verse 2:
Well nothing's ever as it seems,
and no one knows the truth,
and all the words, the times we shared 
Are memories of forgotten youth.
Your love one day grew very cold,
Your heart just turned to stone,
Your mind it seemed was closed to me,
And I was left alone.

That's the day I learned about
the lessons of the heart,
and all those precious memories...
Our love just fell apart.
But memories are better than
a life that's lived alone.
I know one day I'll love again;
my heart will find its home.

Refrain x2

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