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You've seen in Theory and Practice various thoughts and methods I tend to use.  Well, if I haven't scratched "you won't find instruction here" from my pages I should have.

My Elders have always, since I found them, taught me to lead like a goat.  In that spirit, here are some examples of the application of my path.  Note that there's nothing here that you probably couldn't find elsewhere; it's just some logs of things that have happened to me while pursuing my path.

-Jaelle 10/17/04

  • Convergence narrates my coming to understand that everything converges.

  • Doubts contains a conversation between me and an Elder (Elder's comments snipped) about some of the doubts I had along the way.  I thought they were relevant, both because they contain experiences that belong here and because that kind of doubt I expect is not uncommon.  It's been said that we come to the Visar's path kicking and screaming.  Well, here's some screaming for you.

  • I've mentioned in the past that My Lord rather runs things for me.  Here's an experience that was somewhat tied up with a time I disobeyed him.  Bad idea.

  • Storm Song contains two emails I sent to the Toteg Tribe mailing list about an experience I had while Ivan was coming in, and the nature of my workings with storms.

  • Remembering, something I wrote after a walk in the woods.  It might be about the loss and recovery of innocence, but it might not.

  • Spider Song contains two emails I sent to the Toteg Tribe Journeymen list about an experience I had working with Spider.


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