Angry Sea
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The Angry Sea

Copyright 1998, 5 1/2 Years  lyrics by Jaelle ShadowDancer

Verse 1:
Remember in days gone by, oh how the time just seemed to fly...
remember all the dreams we tried, I saw forever in your eyes.
Remember the times we shared, remember the way we cared, 
how you swore we'd never part, and how we then were torn apart

Summers were endless nights, warm
sandy days lying in the sun.
Dancing out in between those waves,
boardwalk eves, we were on the run.

Verse 2:
Five friends just out for fun, we never knew just what to do:
waterskiing in the rain, bonfires burning old driftwood.
And then the night of our first fight - the anger flashing in your eyes - 
you turned and left, you went away, the night I saw you last alive.


Hurricane winds lashing through weak trees,
houses falling, waters rising,
told we had to leave the island:
people fleeing the angry storm.
We thought you got away...

Verse 3:
We often spoke of death my friend, and you thought life would never end.
"But if I go," you said to me, "My life belongs to that sea."
Looking back, the way you were, I see what I refused to know.
You left us then: you chose to go. You gave your life to the angry sea.

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