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If you are looking for Rebeca Eigen's Psychology/Astrology site The Shadow Dance, you're in the wrong place.  Click here to go there.

Welcome to My name is Jaelle ShadowDancer, and this site is devoted to describing me and my path - my shadow dance.  This site is probably going to be perpetually under construction as I add new things and update the old stuff, so consider yourself warned.  Bookmark and come back later and there may be some new stuff!

Please note that I claim no affiliation whatsoever with any other group that may use the term "ShadowDance" or "Shadow Dance" or any variation thereof.  The word came to me a few years ago and it just got added on to my name when I was typing my signature while on "autopilot," and it stuck, and I've been trying to figure out what the heck it meant ever since.  Later, one of my elders, Joseph Wilson, gave us an assignment: Who Am I?  This site is part of the result.

While I don't claim an affiliation with anything else that's called Shadow Dance, what I do claim an affiliation with is Toteg Tribe, where I am a part of the Tribal Council, a member of the Visar's Guild, and Leader of Greenwood Clan since Joseph's passing.  If you're looking for me, look at the Toteg Tribe Living Room , (one of our mailing lists) and let me know you're looking for me.

Some day I'll be able to write something in tribute to Joe.  Some day when I can see through the tears with a clear heart.  For now, I include this bio I wrote for him.  We were working on his new book and he wanted me to write him a bio for the end.  This is the rather too long version, from 7/7/04.  He said I got some details wrong at the end; he died  before I found out what they were.

-Jaelle 10/16/04

  • Site Map - This one I'm dating: 12/21/2005 is the latest it was updated.  I'll try to keep up with it. There's dates here with the last time the particular article was updated, so chances are if you're looking for "new" stuff you'll want to skim down this one.

  • Me - Here you will find my personal description, ruminations, and other somewhat boring stuff.

  • Cecil - Here are writings about my dear departed Cecil-Cat.

  • Path -  Here you will find various writings about my path.

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